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TransAm Forty is an experimental musician, and although originally grounded in punk rock he now doesn't allow any genre to constrict his art.


He is heavily inspired by David Bowie, Jack White, Sleaford mods, Jamie T, Nirvana, The Clash and The Ramones.


TransAm began as a drummer in a local rock band, and then moved to frontman of a pop punk band based in Swindon. Upon leaving the band he became a solo artist and began to sculpt his own identity in music. 


TransAm is completely DIY, from creation through to production and promotion. This gives his style of music a gritty, unpolished, underground feel.


He is currently working on releasing a new single every two weeks, which will then form his third album. These singles see a bigger change in styles, with the 80/90’s synth punk sounds.


His goals for the future is to be able to make his love for music, a real career, and he will not cease until he gets there.


‘Being a DIY musician can be a very lonely existence… I just hope people will join this crazy journey with me… in the meantime I’ll get back to the studio and keep creating in search of that special track...’

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