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Anti-Social - A break down of the new single and why I wrote it

The lyrics pretty much sum up my every day living, at least my attitude towards it.

People are like mushrooms: not to everyones taste, a fungus, can cause a euphoric high, nice when mixed in small quantities with alcohol, but can be deadly.

Now I wanna visit outside, with the rain and noise and no fear inside

And I wanna be without my chains, no dogs in the field and no fear of blades

I wanna be with the lovers inside, as they sit and laugh, it’s cold outside

And I could play with my feeling inside, we all need love

I have a real wanting to be outside, especially when self isolated for some time. In my mind I can create a beautiful world where I believe others live but then…

So if I was to peer outside with the drugs and guns, and the fear they hide

And I would appear like the sun above, with a storm cloud lurking, you’d run and shove

But I wanna live inside, I can’t breath outside, don’t shove me, touch me, love me, I’ll run and hide

Can’t live these lives – Anti-social

Can’t live this lie – Anti-social

You see through my disguise – Anti-social

Can’t hide through suicide – Anti-social

And then it’s back inside. I can’t socialise, the trust has gone. We have all become so self obsessed that it’s ‘fuck everyone – give me mine’. And it’s this attitude that is killing our civilisation.

You only have to step outside your front door and hostility is there. A stare, a shove, but at the top of the list no fucking respect. From the kids on the street to our phoney leaders – all respect has been lost. So maybe we turn to the skies and speak up:

I have a message for God, why did you run away?

I got a message from God, Anti-Social was the only way!

So we’re on our own. And must live everyday and fight on:

Live it like you lost it – Always


But seeing how you did it, I’ll stay Anti-social

However, we must still try – should we?

So I wanna be outside with the rain and the clowns, feeling happy inside

And I will play with all my chums, and all dance, all love

And then you go out into the world and…

But I wanna be inside

I can’t stand you, I will hate you

I am just Anti-social

And so by that rationale, I am the problem.

I am Anti-social

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