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I am TransAm

I am TransAm.

At least I want to be, but in actual fact I am just another mother fucker sat at his desk telling you I am something, or at least I want to be something.

Can you relate? Can you even hear me above your own egotistical thoughts – I doubt it.

I start everyday in doubt… doubt about my self worth, doubt about whether I can even get through this day... doubt whether I am worthy of getting through this day.

I have so many unanswered questions in my life, so much I need to know – I’m not a fan of surprises.

Do you feel it?

Okay now I’ve drowned you in a depressive cocktail I will attempt to lift our spirits with a few lines of my lyrical dust.

I don’t care, or really give a shit about who your God is or even is you have one, I just happen to have one… maybe I’m lucky, delusional, drunk or all three. But I know this… I am here because I have been chosen to be here. I have been chosen to be here at this time, whether I like it or not.

Now please don’t confuse me with – as others have – some religious nut that loves all beings – I am not and I don’t. Actually there’s a very good chance that I cant stand you.

Whether I like it or not I have been placed at this moment in time with the skills and tools I have. Now its up to me to make the best of them. And don’t get me wrong I spent many years bitching that I didn't have the right tools or I was placed in the wrong era. Throughout my twenties I was on a lot of meds administered my my GP or otherwise. But I changed when I had the realisation that I was here for a purpose – for me it was my little girl.

Now in later life it is to just be me. And me is a being that makes music. And by making music I can can fight, love and kill and then release – simple as that.

Keep punching… Keep fighting... until the lights go out…

I am TransAm

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